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Board Of Directors


Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

Teo Lee Teck, Malaysian aged 64, was appointed as a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company on 10 August 2000. He is a member of Risk Management Committee. He was appointed as Director of HSHY on 2 September 2013.  He was a Director of HSPM on 20 March 1984 and became an Executive Director of the same since 1 January 1990.

He started his career with HSPM in 1977 as a Chocolate Wafer Section supervisor and was promoted numerously before assuming the position of Production Manager in 1987.  In 1994 he was promoted to Project Manager, responsible for construction of factory and installation of new plant, machines and facilities, as well as the maintenance and inspection of the Fire Prevention System.


He has been appointed as HSPM’s Quality Management Representative in formulating, implementing and ensuring the Company Quality Management System fulfilled the standard requirement. He was fully responsible for leading the task force towards the achievement of ISO 9001:2015 in 2017.  In line with the increasing focus worldwide on food safety, to obtain ISO 22000:2018 Food Management System in 2019 and FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System Certification in 2020.  As well as working with HACCP team to obtain HACCP and GMP certification through Malaysia’s Ministry of Health to demonstrate the company commitment towards food safety and quality to ensure consumer confidence and meet the export requirement for obtaining Health Certificate. He also was appointed as Chairman of Company Development Committee since year 2020.


He was appointed as a Director for ICFI on 7 July 2009, fully responsible for the product manufacturing, quality and hygienic assurance of the company.  He was redesignated to Chairman of ICFI on 16 July 2018.


He is the nephew of Kerk Chiew Siong and cousin of Kerk Chian Tung, Kerk Kar Han, Kuo Liong Yok and Kerk Shiang Yih.  He does not have any conflict of interest with the Company.  He has no convictions for any offences over the past 10 years.

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