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Board Of Directors


Executive Director

Kerk Chian Tung, Malaysian aged 52, became a member of the Board of Directors of the Company on 15 November 1999 and has been an Executive Director of the same since 17 August 2000. She is the niece of Kerk Chiew Siong and cousin of Teo Lee Teck, Kerk Kar Han, Kuo Liong Yok and Kerk Shiang Yih. She does not have any conflict of interest with the Company nor conviction for any offences over the past 10 years.

Kerk Chian Tung is a member of the Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants. She has more than 15 years of experience in corporate finance.

She graduated with a bachelor degree in Accounting from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia in 1991 and a bachelor degree in Manufacturing Management from the University of Monash, Australia in 1994. She joined an accounting firm as an auditor in 1992 and later joined Arthur Andersen HRM (Tax Services) Sdn. Bhd., a public accounting firm as a Tax Consultant in 1995. In 1997, she was employed as an Assistant Business Development Manager in Jaya Tiasa Holdings Berhad, a public listed company involved in investment holding and provision of management services, extraction and sale of logs. She joined a trading company as a Finance Manager in 1998 and then resigned in 1999 to become an investment analyst in SBB Securities Sdn. Bhd., a company involved in stockbroking activities.

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